Solo Ad Black Book Review – Most Solo Ads Are Garbage!

UPDATE – The Offer Is Closed!


Solo Ad Black Book Review – So if you want to build your email list, Solo Ads are the fastest and easiest way to go, right? Well, if you have the right Solo Ad vendor it is true but unfortunately most of the Solo Ads you can buy nowadays are garbage! The lists of these Solo Ad vendors are either full of freebie seekers or people that already don’t trust the list owner because he/she was abusing them with excessive emails trying to hard sell products!

In this Solo Ad Black Book Review you’ll learn why it is imperative to buy Solo Ads from the right people and where to find them!

Matt Bacak has compiled a list of 141 Solo Ad Vendors based on his experience with them purchasing Solos. He has personally spent more than $250,000 on Solo Ads both for him and his customers. This is the type of experience and knowledge you simply can’t discount! Assuming you’ll paying $30-$50 for a 100 Solo Ad, if you’ll invest in this product, you’ll get your money back avoiding only one bad buy. I personally made tens of these bad buys in the past and I’d love to have the Solo Ad Black Book available to me much earlier!


So the conclusion is simple – if you ever bought a Solo Ad or are thinking to do so (and you should since email marketing is the most reliable, stable and passive source of income for internet marketers!) you Absolutely need to have the Solo Ad Black Book! It will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars! So go ahead and Take Action NOW!!!


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