Motivation – 5 Proven Ways to Find it


Motivation and ways to find it is surely one of the main factors when it comes to achieving success. Whatever you are trying to achieve or want to get good at in life, there will be times when you will be tired, stressed, overwhelmed or without faith in yourself and these are the moments when you have to find motivation to keep going. The level of success in your life is in direct proportion to the level of determination you have to motivate yourself! It is not always easy and that is why I’ve compiled these 5 proven ways to find motivation for you!

1. Ask yourself why – Often times people are setting up goals but they don’t really know why do they want to achieve them. A goal of ‘making a million dollars’ will only motivate you so much… At some point you’ll have to realize why do you want the million dollars and you might come up with something like ‘I want financial abundance and freedom for me and my family’. This will motivate you much more than a simple ‘I want XYZ’.

2. Remind yourself the goals daily – Once we have our goal set up we might be focusing on it with full intensity for a few days or weeks but eventually it might fade away a bit. That is why you have to surround yourself with ‘reminders’ in your daily life. You can set up a board with your main goals,  daily write about them in your calendar or add pictures reminding you about them to your computer’s background. That will keep you on track and will help you with fighting procrastination.

3. Stay positive – this is one rule that people often tend to misunderstand. It has nothing to do with positive thinking and forcing yourself to ‘be happy’ or anything else. It’s about finding something positive, even in horrifying situations. Always ask yourself a question: ‘What have I learnt with this?’ and most definitely you’ll be able to find a positive aspect of virtually each and every situation in your life.

4. Learn to walk again – Sometimes children can give us the best inspiration when we look  and compare them with ourselves. When a baby is learning to walk, it is failing numerous times again and again but it simply doesn’t stop until it starts walking. No wonder everyone in the whole world walks – it is a Magic Formula! This is the most important lesson for adults – never quit, doesn’t matter how many times you will fail and in the end of the day you will succeed.

5. Forget about the outcome – you have to learn to appreciate the way, not only the achievement of the final goal. A wise man once said: “Success for me is when I’m pleased and happy with my efforts”. You see, we don’t always win in life and the faster we’ll understand that we can learn from our failures and mistakes , the closer we’ll going to be to our ultimate goals and succeeds.

I also found a great motivational video for you!

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