Safe Swaps Review – My Honest Thoughts About Safe Swaps


As you might know, one of my online income streams involves email marketing and building a list… Most high profile internet marketers talk about having an email list as the most predictable and safest way to do online business. This is definitely the case but apart of that, I actually genuinely enjoy it 🙂

I started to build my list in the internet marketing niche back in middle 2013 and I did what probably most people who start list building do – I started buying Solo Ads. Solo Ads are great from one point of view because you basically but instant traffic that you can send wherever you want… but on the other hand if you don’t really know what you’re doing, you can loose a lot of money real quickly… and that was definitely the case when it came to me!

After releasing my first WSO back in November 2013 I realized the importance of building a Buyers List and my focus shifted from buying solo ads to releasing products. The problem with that approach is that you can’t really scale it and it is very hard to be consistently coming up with quality products to sell plus promoting the launches constantly.

Long story short, I knew I needed to keep on growing my list but my launches didn’t really grow it as fast as I’d like and solo ads were not giving me an instant return on investment, which is typical, unless you have a very slick sales funnel (and mine was “ok” at the time)…

In the mean time I grew my list to a size where I could start doing Ad Swaps but I wasn’t really convinced about doing it. Many marketers choose not to do it simply because they don’t want to dilute their list and they might be right. I guess it all depends on what is your main goal with list building and mine was and still is to build a big buyers list.

With that in mind I decided to join Safe Swaps and use my freebie seekers list to swap with other marketers and try to grow my buyers list using my sales funnel. Before I tried Safe Swaps, I tried to swap with people from the Warrior Forum and IM Ad Swaps but had a mediocre experience with both of them.

So I decided to give Safe Swaps a try and… one hour after joining the site I had 4 swaps booked – just like that! I kept on swapping all month, almost daily and managed to grow my list by around 300 subscribers (after deducting the ones that unsubscribed) and 10 buyers!

The first month I was swapping 30 clicks each and every day to get that initial positive feedback from other users.

Safe Swaps cost $29.95 a month and I was afraid that I was going to spend that money to build an even bigger freebie seekers list but the 10 buyers I got on my buyers list actually made me the money back and then some.

So after a positive first month I’m continuing to use Safe Swaps almost daily (this is my 3rd month with them) and I couldn’t be happier with their services.

Their link tracking service allows you to track not only the clicks but also access detailed statistics and control the quality of clicks that you’re getting.

Here are a few tips which will allow you to make the best out of Safe Swaps:

– try to swap with people that have an established reputation on Safe Swaps and you won’t run into unpleasant surprises like someone not delivering their clicks,

– book always at least one week in advance, so if someone rejects your swap you’ll still have time to contact someone else,

– always deliver your clicks on time and the right amount – keep your rating as close to 100% as possible,

– don’t be afraid to leave negative feedback if your swap partner didn’t deliver – it keeps the site and the ranking system reliable,

– always leave positive feedback if someone delivered their clicks as promised.

Quick recap – If you want to grow your list you definitely have to join Safe Swaps – it is the biggest swapping community online. The site is constantly improving and as time will pass, more and more people will join Safe Swaps which will create the opportunity for even more swap deals.

Hope that helps and if you have any questions, you can always send me an email 🙂




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