Best Internet Marketing Forums – Top 5

Best Internet Marketing Forums

Best Internet Marketing Forums

Best Internet Marketing Forums – Here’s my Top 5

Internet is a Big place and you can find information about virtually anything in a matter of seconds… but it can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where to look. When it comes to internet marketing, online business and making money online there is a lot of misinformation out there – some people would even call it straight up Scams (and in some cases they are right).

Fortunately for all of us there are a few places where not only can we find good quality information for free (or almost for free) but also connect with like-minded individuals! Just think about it – how many internet marketers or people that are making money online are living in your neighborhood? Maybe there are even a few but the chances of you two running into each other by accident are slim to none.

Best Internet Marketing Forums have came a long way, since the first ones started to emerge and what initially was a meeting point for a few enthusiasts, now is a full-blown business – and I think that this is absolutely a good thing.

Now there are more possibilities than ever for an average person not only to create an extra income stream online for them and their families but even to take it much further and create an online business which allow them to make much more they ever would in a 9-to-5 job, while working from anywhere they want in the world. Internet gives us truly limitless possibilities!

But if you are only starting out and are not familiar with these internet marketing communities, here’s my Top 5 Best Internet Marketing Forums:

1) Warrior Forum – an absolute number 1! It was created in the 90’s and since then grew an awful lot. Of course on the forum people can exchange their opinions, chat about latest events etc but it is also one of the biggest internet marketing marketplaces! Warrior Forum has changed lives of hundreds of people over the years and if you’re still not a member, you’re missing out big time! It has recently been bought by and they’ve made some interesting changes – of course for the better 🙂

2) Digital Point – very similar to Warrior Forum, it is simply a good alternative. There are people that prefer one or the other but you can learn a TON from both!

3) Wicked Fire – another great forum focused on affiliate marketing and SEO – a true goldmine of information!

4) V7N – Any online entrepreneur should visit this forum! Lots of great info on web development, online business, internet marketing and an active marketplace as well!

5) Affiliorama – this forum focuses mainly on affiliate marketing but since it is an awesome way to make money online, the forum is very relevant. Oh and Click Bank recommends it as one of their best resource…

I purposely didn’t mention and Black Hat forums on the Best Internet Marketing Forums list – some people might argue that they contain some good info as well but I simply come from a different place when it comes to my internet business… Integrity first and money second – I guess for some people it is the other way around.

Ok, so that’s it – my Top 5 Best Internet Marketing Forums! Join one, a couple or all of them and become a member of the community.

Looking forward to speaking with you on one of them 🙂

All the best,




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