Multitasking – does it Increase Productivity at Work?


Multitasking – More and more professionals are trying to complete more tasks in a shorter period of time. They might do it either because their managers are so demanding or because they simply try to ‘save time‘ and be more productive. Is multitasking a good idea and does it really work?

We’ve all seen people trying to drive, talk on the phone and eat a donut at the same time, right? They might think that they are doing great but we all know they are not, simply because they can’t focus and execute any of the tasks they have at hand. Different studies show that the better someone thinks they are at multitasking, the worse they are in reality. If people are not able to focus on one task at a time and complete it perfectly, then adding more things to do in the same time seems almost impossible.

It is human nature to be efficient when doing one task at a time, and we shouldn’t try to do more if it is not working… So what should we do then?

We should be focusing at one thing at a time and remove any distractions. Don’t try to answer to your emails, talk on the phone, eat and listen to music at the same time, you are actually lowering your productivity! When on a meeting, focus on what is being discussed and leave your phone for a bit. You should control yourself and show maturity and professionalism.

So what’s the conclusion? Well… multitasking does not increase productivity at work or in any other environment for that matter. You should avoid it and focus on one task at a time. You will actually find yourself completing the tasks faster and being more productive throughout the day this way.

Good luck 🙂




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