Get More Twitter Followers! Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter Marketing…

Get More Twitter Followers

How to Get More Twitter Followers – a question that every marketer asks themselves and others… Since Twitter was launched back in 2006, many people have joined it and many marketers have noticed different patterns of how the marketing looks like, when you only have 140 characters to use…

These are some Do’s and Don’ts you should focus on it you want to get more Twitter followers:


–          Try to reply to peoples comments in your niche. More people will be able to notice you this way.
–          Work on your Twitter profile. Make the graphics interesting but also put up an interesting bio, for people to know what you’re all about.
–          Try not to tweet links each and every time you’re tweeting, it looks a bit spammy.
–          When you are tweeting links, try to send people to different places, not only your website.
–          Focus on your niche and don’t tweet too much about other things. Of course you can do a little bit of that but within reasons.
–          Do not tweet too much! Do not tweet too little as well. Find the right balance so that your followers will stick with you.
–          Create lists and encourage people to sign up by offering incentives.
–          Try not to follow more people than the number of your followers. You can unfollow people that are not following you after some time to keep the numbers low.
–          If you are not going to tweet for some time f.e. because of holidays, communicate it to your followers.
–          Follow a few celebrities or politicians. They will not follow you back but it will look good anyway.
–          Make your business account a bit personal – to get more twitter followers people need to feel that there is a real person behind your account.
–          If you are using automated tweets, be sensible and don’t overdo it. People want to connect with other people on Twitter, not an automated program.


–          Don’t send direct messages to people thanking them for their follow and promising a follow back. It doesn’t look professional.
–          Don’t abandon your account for long periods of time. If people won’t hear from you, they will unfollow you.
–          Don’t have a static profile. Change it at least once every month to keep your followers entertained.
–          Don’t use colors that are hard to read.
–          Don’t change your icon. People get used to these in their Twitter Feed.
–          Don’t mix up the format of your tweets. People will expect more or less the same kind of tweets from you.
–          Don’t post ads more than once a day if you use a twitter advertising service. That really turns the followers off.
–          Don’t tweet about uninteresting things. People on Twitter are looking for knowledge, not gibberish.
–          Don’t do weird follow/unfollow patterns. They might get flagged.

Remember! Twitter is a very powerful Business Tool and the key to success with it is to learn how to get more Twitter followers.

Good Luck and use Twitter wisely!


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