The IM game is changing… if you want to make $4,762.73 per week, you NEED TO adapt to new times. Just two years ago it was very simple – if you had an email list, all you had to do is send out an email with an affiliate promo and BAM – 4 figures! In 2018 however, everyone’s email open rates are going down – from around 15%-20% to as low as 3%, and that directly impacts the income of every single marketer. In today’s world you need at least 3 different traffic sources – and that’s exactly what Brendan & Jono are doing (that’s why they are KILLING IT). Inside “The Lost Code” you’ll see exactly what they are doing to cash in on up to $4K every single week – with Free Traffic & Penny Clicks!

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My Honest Review of The Lost Code:

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An email list is what used to be the only thing you had to worry about when it came to making money online! My only worry at that time was to get more subscribers than unsubscribers every single day – that was it!

Luckily, I saw that the industry is changing and that’s why I decided to grow my other traffic channels – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, paid traffic etc. Many people ignored that and that’s why right now they aren’t able to make half of what they used to make

That’s why “The Lost Code” method is so brilliant – you’ll be using 3 different traffic sources to make your sales – and that’s why it’s FAIL-PROOF! You’ll be using a mix of Free Traffic & Penny Clicks, which I always recommend to anyone who is struggling with traffic and making sales online.

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