Storymate Review! What’s inside Storymate and why you need it? You know these live videos that pop up to the top of your feed right when you open Facebook and Instagram? This is what both of these social media giants are pushing right now! You can make A LOT of money using live video… there’s just one problem – you actually have to shoot a video live, which limits your potential. Storymate solves that problem! Not only does it allow you to use pre-recorded videos as live, schedule them, add affiliate links etc – it also has a bunch of video templates, so you don’t actually have to record anything! You can go viral in 5 minutes and you know what it means – a TON of sales instantly!

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My Honest Storymate Review:

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Storymate Review – I’m amazed with how well this app works. I’m trying to run live videos as often as I can – but it’s a lot of work. You need to have all the content ready to present AND you can’t make mistakes – which adds a ton of pressure!

Now, it really pays off but the truth is, no one can do more than one live video per day effectively…. not in the long run – it’s just too much work. That’s why I love Storymate so much! It saves HOURS of work and automates the whole thing, so you don’t even need to be around your computer of your phone to use it.

Oh, and did you know that the Click-through Rates and Conversions with Live videos are off the chart? I’m talking 4-10x more clicks and sales, just because you’re using a live video vs anything else. Get your bank account ready for these FAT commissions!

If you’re enjoying this Storymate Review and you want to learn more about Storymate, check out my in depth video review above!

Storymate Review

Storymate Review

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Storymate Review and Bonus

Storymate Review and Bonus



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