Novelty Site Builder Review

Novelty Site Builder Review

Novelty Site Builder Review (Novelty Site Builder by Igor Burban Review)! What’s inside Novelty Site Builder? First of all let me tell you that I personally hate websites – they make my head spin. That’s why I usually end up paying someone when I need a new website, which can be really expensive. $200 for a super simple website or thousands for something more elaborate – and if you want a website that makes you affiliate commissions, it just has to look and feel good. The good news is that Igor came up with a brand new software solution for creating amazing looking affiliate sites that are Done-For-You! This means that you can start earning big affiliate commissions without having to invest the time or money into a website created from scratch!

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My Honest Novelty Site Builder Review:

Novelty Site Builder Demo:

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Novelty Site Builder Review – Regular affiliate sites take forever to build and constantly need new content… added to them every day or else you’ll lose your Google rankings. Instead, you can focus only on products that are proven to attract views, shares, and clicks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Anyone can run their own money-making VIRAL sites with the help of this new product!

Starting today you can auto-fill your sites with viral products! The included WordPress plugin + theme and Chrome extension make it easy to import products without every having to copy and paste anything manually. Also, you will never have to worry about traffic to your site again! Relying on Google for all your traffic is dangerous. Novelty sites enjoy constant flow of visitors from viral shares on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

You can easily profit from people’s obsession with “weird” – Instead of wasting your time sharing memes every day, you could be profiting with a VIRAL site of your own. Get up and running within minutes. Get started in 3 easy steps – it’s your fast lane to money-making VIRAL sites in minutes!

If you’re enjoying this Novelty Site Builder Review and want to learn more about Novelty Site Builder, check out my in depth video review above!

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Custom-made bonus to Novelty Site Builder – How to set up your first website in a matter of minutes!

Novelty Site Builder Review and Custom Bonus

Novelty Site Builder Review and Custom Bonus

Custom-made bonus I prepared especially for this Novelty Site Builder launch – everything you need to know to start making money as a freelance selling logos or anything else you want!

WSOTD #1 – Fiverr Income Secrets – Everything you need to know about making money on Fiverr offering simple services – this is exactly what I was doing.

WSOTD #2 – Fiverr Masterclass – Everything I know about selling on Fiverr – from how to open an account to what gigs to sell, to how to make the most amount of money possible.

WSOTD #3 – Riserr – this course will reveal of the secrets of selling simple services on sites like Fiverr and other freelancing sites, which is perfect for this product!

VidProfixPro Review

WSOTD #4 – Newbie Traffic Formula – released by myself, Stefan Ciancio and Tatiana diMaio, which was a newbie at the time and just figured out how to generate free traffic and sales!

Arbitrage Alchemist Review

WSOTD #5 – FLIPP.ME – my top selling course on flipping/arbitrage. It’s no1 on Warrior+ since it was released a couple of years ago and it still works like magic – Buy Low-Sell High is all you need to do when using this strategy.

Arbitrage Alchemist Review

FLIPP.ME OTO1 – Currently selling for $27 – 1st upsell to – Income Booster, which reveals a ton of new ways to make money online flipping – or doing arbitrage (however you want to call it)

Arbitrage Alchemist Review

FLIPP.ME Resellers License – Currently selling for $67 – get 100% commissions on and all the products in the funnel – Passive Income on a funnel that already made 6 figures in sales.

Arbitrage Alchemist Review

WSOTD #6 – Urgent Arbitrage Cash – one of my Top Selling WSOTD awarded courses – inside you’ll see 5 different ways to make money with arbitrage – buying low and selling high.

Arbitrage Alchemist Review

WSOTD #7 – Easy Arbitrage Profits – over 3000 copies sold of this arbitrage products. Everything you need to know about flipping products between eBay and Amazon – from a 7 figure Amazon seller.

WSOTD #8 – Blaze -My own WSOTD awarded course – if you want to start making money using nothing else but free traffic and free online tools – this is the course you want. How much can you make? Up to $400/day as shown in the Case Study attached.


WSOTD #9 – Tube Traffic Avalanche – another WSOTD winner. Everything you need to know about generating free traffic from YouTube, branding, YouTube niches and much much more

case study

Case Study – My own personal case study on how I’m generating Free Traffic from YouTube – this works on demand and in any niche, and you can do this over and over again.

+9 EXTRA MONEY MAKING PLUGINS/SOFTWARE – additional plugins and software to automate your online business even more and make your life easier:

Novelty Site Builder Review

Novelty Site Builder Review

+ 10 Additional Novelty Site Builder Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Authority Traffic Masters – A step-by-step video course revealing all the tools and techniques you’ll ever need to finally succeed online and get results! You’ll learn about all major traffic systems from SEO to Youtube to Google Ads to Facebook ads and also all major traffic sources you can leverage to grow your online business fast.

Bonus 2: FB Live Reaction – This amazing tool displays FB reactions in real-time on a Facebook Live! You’ll be able to choose the number of competitors and add an image for each one. This results in free promotion and increased reach to your page. You can also start a live broadcast on YouTube, Twitch & Dailymotion.

Bonus 3: Azonpress – Want to profit with Amazon products? This amazing plugin lets you easily and flexibly embed Amazon products in your posts, pages or widgets for instant profits. It uses the official Amazon Product Advertising API and you make money on complete autopilot once it’s installed.

Bonus 4: FaceZon – Now you can list down Amazon affiliate store products on your Facebook fan page. The app creates a new tab “Amazon Store” on your fan page. A great tool to increase your presence on FB and to get more business and traffic to your store. Amazon listings are instantly loaded to your Facebook store and your Facebook visitors will be able to buy anything by clicking on just one button.

Bonus 5: Vidbuilder (Video Sales Page Funnel Builder) – A page builder for creating video sales pages. You can now build a responsive video sales page and manage your content easily with this intuitive editor. No programming knowledge is required! You can easily create video sales pages for your products that load 85% faster than any other page.

Bonus 6: PressPlay (Ultimate Video Player) – Super powerful responsive video player that can play local video, stream videos or audios from a server, Youtube videos or Vimeo videos. It only requires the mp4 or mp3 format and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used. It supports unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited videos.

Bonus 7: WP Image & Video Commenter – Transform your ordinary WordPress Comment into this Interactive New Look with upload images and also displays videos from popular sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and many others. Create a more engaging collaboration tool for your website or blog today. This plugin is mobile-friendly and fully compatible with the latest WordPress version and supports all WP Themes.

Bonus 8: Socio AutoPoster – You can now automatically post all your content to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Delicious, BufferApp. It’s fully automated and all you need to do is write a new post and it will be published to your configured social network account.

Bonus 9: SlickPop – You can now create attention grabbing pop-ups on your sites. Create video popups, image popups, text popups, or content popups which you can use to showcase your product, article or even your profile.

Bonus 10: WP Veedbot – Create automated and standalone video websites. It includes an automated schedule import system, which makes sure your site stays fresh and up to date with the latest and most popular videos.

Bonus 11: WordPress Responsive Slider

Bonus 12: WordPress YouTube Video Gallery

Bonus 13: WordPress Pinterest Portfolio

Bonus 14: WordPress Posts Grid

Bonus 15: WordPress Posts Widget

 Bonus 16: WordPress Courses Plugin

TOTAL Novelty Site Builder Bonuses – 39 (Worth $1150 in Real World Value)

+ My MEGA BONUS worth $1500+ in Real World Value – Click on the image to see it!

*** THAT’S A TOTAL OF $2650! Did you see my full video Novelty Site Builder Review above? These Novelty Site Builder Bonuses will be delivered to you automatically with your Novelty Site Builder download ***

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Novelty Site Builder Funnel:

Novelty Site Builder Review and Funnel

Novelty Site Builder Review and Funnel

Novelty Site Builder – WordPress plugin + theme combo that allows you to build profitable Amazon affiliate sites with unique viral products. No API needed. Chrome browser extension for importing Amazon products is included.
Novelty Site Builder Plus+OTO1Plus+ version comes with Browser Push Notification integration, logo maker and Developers rights to make more money as a freelancer.
DFY ServiceOTO2 These guys will setup your entire affiliate website for you – a massive time saver and this will actually save you a lot of headaches.
Novelty Site Builder ResellerOTO3 is a Reseller License which allows buyers to sell Novelty Site Builder plugin + theme to their customers and keep 100% of the profits. Essentially this is a DFY online business where all pages + support are done for you.

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Novelty Site Builder Review and Bonus

Novelty Site Builder Review and Bonus

To sum up this Novelty Site Builder Review:

  • Create Multiple Profitable Affiliate Sites

  • Perfect For Beginners

  • No Boring Tasks & No Content Writing

  • Choose Any Niche You Like

  • Self-Growing Site With FREE Daily Traffic

  • See Results In As Little As 24 Hours

  • Use It For Yourself Or Your Clients

If you want to get more information about affiliate marketing – here‘s an article explaining all of it!

If you have any questions about this Novelty Site Builder Review, the Demo or my Novelty Site Builder Bonuses, please let me know in the comment section below! 🙂

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Novelty Site Builder Reviews

Novelty Site Builder Reviews

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