1st Page Ranker Review by Art Flair

1st Page Ranker Review (1st Page Ranker by Ali G Review)! What’s inside 1st Page Ranker? The Product has been well-researched and developed by Ali G and the team. The product mainly focuses on Video Marketing1st Page Ranker exploits a clever Loophole in YouTube, getting you to rank on BOTH Google platforms. Also it cuts off the effort of video creating and editing. 1st Page Ranker does it all. And eventually it drives a ton of Organic Traffic to Rankings that STICK. It’s The Fastest & Easiest way to OWN the 1st Page of Google AND YouTube with ‘Your’ Rankings for a FLOOD of Unlimited Targeted Traffic & Sales! All without any of the usual tedious SEO legwork. 1st Page in ‘3 Clicks’! Super Easy.

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My Interview with Ali G, the creator:

My Honest 1st Page Ranker Review:

1st Page Ranker Demo:

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1st Page Ranker Review – If you remember the days of using items such as Traffic Equalizer and other software that gamed Google, then you know how many people were making crazy money with that. Well, long story short, they got shut down and Google tightened up it’s search engine algorithms. And just like that, the good ol’ days were no more.

But now, there’s a way to bring back that same traffic power (even better to be honest) and NEVER have to worry about being penalized by Google ever again. How? By tapping into the power of Live Streaming video. 1st Page Ranker is perfectly ethical loophole which gets you all the Traffic and 1st Page Rankings.

Its the best time to take up this opportunity and grab 1st page Ranker as this traffic source will be saturated soon, before your competitors even discover it. Step up in the game right away! That’s right. Just by accessing the Live Stream option that Google and YouTube provides, you could get all of the 1st page rankings and traffic you could possibly ever want. Best of all?

You could literally see page one rankings within 24 hours. No joke. But If You Tried To Do This Manually, It Would Take You FOREVER To Dominate Your Niche. But with this system you can do it on Auto-Pilot.

If you’re enjoying this 1st Page Ranker Review and want to learn more about 1st Page Ranker, check out my in depth video review above!

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1st Page Ranker Custom Bonuses by Art Flair

1st Page Ranker Custom Bonuses by Art Flair

1st Page Ranker Custom Bonuses by Art Flair

3 Custom-made exclusive bonuses I made for you especially for this promotion – 3 different ways to generate traffic! Amazing if you want to scale up your results!

1st Page Ranker Review by Art Flair

WSOTD – VidMazon which will generate even more traffic for you – more traffic = more profits!

1st Page Ranker Review by Art Flair

WSOTD – Viral Vidly – allows you to go viral with any video – massive exposure for you and your brand

1st Page Ranker Review by Art Flair

WSOTD – Ezee Rank Tracker – track all of your rankings the easy way, so you know what makes you money and what needs more work!

WSOTD – Fiverr Income Secrets – Everything you need to know about making money on Fiverr offering simple services – this is exactly what I was doing.

WSOTD – Fiverr Masterclass – Everything I know about selling on Fiverr – from how to open an account to what gigs to sell, to how to make the most amount of money possible.

WSOTD – Riserr – this course will reveal of the secrets of selling simple services on sites like Fiverr and other freelancing sites, which is perfect for this product!

VidProfixPro Review

WSOTD – Newbie Traffic Formula – released by myself, Stefan Ciancio and Tatiana diMaio, which was a newbie at the time and just figured out how to generate free traffic and sales!

Arbitrage Alchemist Review

WSOTD – FLIPP.ME – my top selling course on flipping/arbitrage. It’s no1 on Warrior+ since it was released a couple of years ago and it still works like magic – Buy Low-Sell High is all you need to do when using this strategy.

Arbitrage Alchemist Review

FLIPP.ME OTO1 – Currently selling for $27 – 1st upsell to Flipp.me – Income Booster, which reveals a ton of new ways to make money online flipping – or doing arbitrage (however you want to call it)

Arbitrage Alchemist Review

FLIPP.ME Resellers License – Currently selling for $67 – get 100% commissions on Flipp.me and all the products in the funnel – Passive Income on a funnel that already made 6 figures in sales.

Arbitrage Alchemist Review

WSOTD – Urgent Arbitrage Cash – one of my Top Selling WSOTD awarded courses – inside you’ll see 5 different ways to make money with arbitrage – buying low and selling high.

Arbitrage Alchemist Review

WSOTD – Easy Arbitrage Profits – over 3000 copies sold of this arbitrage products. Everything you need to know about flipping products between eBay and Amazon – from a 7 figure Amazon seller.

WSOTD – Blaze -My own WSOTD awarded course – if you want to start making money using nothing else but free traffic and free online tools – this is the course you want. How much can you make? Up to $400/day as shown in the Case Study attached.


WSOTD – Tube Traffic Avalanche – another WSOTD winner. Everything you need to know about generating free traffic from YouTube, branding, YouTube niches and much much more

case study

Case Study – My own personal case study on how I’m generating Free Traffic from YouTube – this works on demand and in any niche, and you can do this over and over again.

+9 EXTRA MONEY MAKING PLUGINS/SOFTWARE – additional plugins and software to automate your online business even more and make your life easier:

1st Page Ranker Review

1st Page Ranker Review

+ 10 Additional 1st Page Ranker Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Authority Traffic Masters – A step-by-step video course revealing all the tools and techniques you’ll ever need to finally succeed online and get results! You’ll learn about all major traffic systems from SEO to Youtube to Google Ads to Facebook ads and also all major traffic sources you can leverage to grow your online business fast.

Bonus 2: FB Live Reaction – This amazing tool displays FB reactions in real-time on a Facebook Live! You’ll be able to choose the number of competitors and add an image for each one. This results in free promotion and increased reach to your page. You can also start a live broadcast on YouTube, Twitch & Dailymotion.

Bonus 3: Azonpress – Want to profit with Amazon products? This amazing plugin lets you easily and flexibly embed Amazon products in your posts, pages or widgets for instant profits. It uses the official Amazon Product Advertising API and you make money on complete autopilot once it’s installed.

Bonus 4: FaceZon – Now you can list down Amazon affiliate store products on your Facebook fan page. The app creates a new tab “Amazon Store” on your fan page. A great tool to increase your presence on FB and to get more business and traffic to your store. Amazon listings are instantly loaded to your Facebook store and your Facebook visitors will be able to buy anything by clicking on just one button.

Bonus 5: Vidbuilder (Video Sales Page Funnel Builder) – A page builder for creating video sales pages. You can now build a responsive video sales page and manage your content easily with this intuitive editor. No programming knowledge is required! You can easily create video sales pages for your products that load 85% faster than any other page.

Bonus 6: PressPlay (Ultimate Video Player) – Super powerful responsive video player that can play local video, stream videos or audios from a server, Youtube videos or Vimeo videos. It only requires the mp4 or mp3 format and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used. It supports unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited videos.

Bonus 7: WP Image & Video Commenter – Transform your ordinary WordPress Comment into this Interactive New Look with upload images and also displays videos from popular sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and many others. Create a more engaging collaboration tool for your website or blog today. This plugin is mobile-friendly and fully compatible with the latest WordPress version and supports all WP Themes.

Bonus 8: Socio AutoPoster – You can now automatically post all your content to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Delicious, BufferApp. It’s fully automated and all you need to do is write a new post and it will be published to your configured social network account.

Bonus 9: SlickPop – You can now create attention grabbing pop-ups on your sites. Create video popups, image popups, text popups, or content popups which you can use to showcase your product, article or even your profile.

Bonus 10: WP Veedbot – Create automated and standalone video websites. It includes an automated schedule import system, which makes sure your site stays fresh and up to date with the latest and most popular videos.

TOTAL 1st Page Ranker Bonuses – 37 (Worth $1175 in Real World Value)

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1st Page Ranker Funnel:

1st Page Ranker Funnel Review by Art Flair

FE – $21.95 – The Easy To Use 1st Page Ranker Dashboard. Unlimited Use With The Latest In Loophole Live Streaming Technology. You can Spin Videos With No Limitations For Maximum Use. Unlimited Use With The Latest In Loophole Live Streaming Technology. Get 30 Video Uploads Monthly Guaranteed. Also you can import directly From Google Drive. Create MULTIPLE Live Events With One Click. Start advanced Scheduling which is Made Easy with Pre-configured Tokens For Fast Work. Put Your Profitable Affiliate Reviews On Steroids and its Works With Every Language. You can Go Live In Minutes…Not Days or Weeks. Create Optimized SEO Titles on The Fly. Bypass The YouTube Duplicate Video Police With No Problem. Get More Link Juice With Our Automated Interlinking Technology. Hands free Search Engine Notification For All Your Links. One Click Bulk Description Editing. Best part? its comes with a commercial License.

OTO 1 Pro- $19.97 + $9.97 Monthly – You’ll be able to create tons of variations of your video with only a click! Use it to create multiple titles and descriptions from the same video in a snap with Multi-Spin Event Option. As a reminder, you’ll get 30 channels with 1st Page Ranker, also Unlimited Parallel Streaming (Stream in multiple channels at the same time) + You can create Videos with Complete Powerful Video Editor and the features keep on updating on its own.

OTO 2 Video Rebrander – $47 – Did you know there’s a ton of content available for the taking on YouTube? Now with this upgrade, you can download that content, rebrand it for yourself and your company, and then use it with 1st Page Ranker! This one of the best ways to access a ton of videos that you never have to create, but can use for major profit. This is DEFINITELY working smarter and not harder. And best of all? You’ll reap the rewards from other people’s videos!

OTO 3 SEO Analysis & Lead Gen Module- $67 – 
In this upgrade you get access to 1st Page Ranker Lead Generation Suite and 1st Page Ranker In Depth SEO Analyzer and Report Generator which Quickly find out how any website or video is ranking with a click of the mouse. Also learn the EXACT steps you need to take to boost rankings quickly. Instantly get a checklist with recommendations for optimizing any website for even better rankings and more traffic. You’ll also get a complete SEO analysis that points out any errors that are holding a website back and how you can fix them right away. Point and click to help you get top search engine rankings fast – even if you’re a complete newbie. Use it on your own websites or to boost client rankings

OTO 3 – Downsell – $57 – You know the saying that there are no secrets on the internet? Well that’s not completely true. There are a ‘few secrets’ that aren’t disclosed in open forums and groups. This is why in this upgrade Yogesh Agarwal is offering a training and showing off all his hidden secrets inside. He had put together a catalog of advanced videos to take you from zero to hero with 1st Page Ranker and beyond.

OTO 4 Reseller License- $197 250 License / $247 Unlimited License – In this upgrade you get access to all the assets of 1st page ranker and make money like they do by simple creating accounts of your customers and charge as per your will to offer this exact same system.


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1st Page Ranker Review by Art Flair

To sum up this 1st Page Ranker Review:

  • Instantly have Multiple ‘1st Page’ Rankings on Both Google/YouTube in Only 3 Clicks!
  • Results Guaranteed. No more Guesswork on ‘IF’ you’ll get “1st Page”.
  • Instantly have Multiple ‘1st Page’ Rankings on Both Google/YouTube in Only 3 Clicks!
  • Your Products/Services/Affiliate Offers will Never be in a ‘Dead-Zone’ again. Flooded with Traffic! 100% Free Organic Traffic. No more wasting Big $ On Paid Traffic.
  • Software Exploits Little Known Ranking “Loophole” for YouTube LIVE Events
  • No need to Create, Legally Hijack ANY Video and it’s Traffic, Redirect Where YOU want it to go + Get Top Video Rankings, Works in Local & Any Niche.

If you want to get more information about niches – here‘s an article explaining all of it!

If you have any questions about this 1st Page Ranker Review, the Demo or my 1st Page Ranker Bonuses, please let me know in the comment section below! 🙂

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1st Page Ranker Review by Art Flair

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