In the past couple of years I’ve been focusing on doing product reviews on this blog for you guys… but today I decided to go back to the roots and actually do a straight up blog post. I want to share my story with you – how I went from having a full time 9-5 job and knowing NOTHING about making money online to making 6 figures a year in profit. I hope that this will inspire you to take action, if making money online is something that you’re trying to do but you’re still struggling. It’s easier than you think and when you’ll read my whole story, you’ll see that my beginnings were quite humble.


Back in 2007 I tried making money online for the first time… I just got my BA degree in English and I thought that I wanted to work as a translator. Little did I know that when you sum up all the hours of work of a freelance translator, including looking for jobs, applying, being constantly online to be able to win a bid with hundreds of other freelance translators – the money is NOT that good. You’re being paid around $8-$9 per page and translating one can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour. I did quite a few jobs but in the end I found it very energy draining, time consuming and the payout wasn’t that great – so I moved on.

Why I’m even mentioning it? Because it was the first time that I actually made money online – all I had to do is turn on my laptop and got online payments after finishing the job 🙂

After that I took a long break from making money online – 5 years. Yes, I didn’t really try again until 2012. At that time I was trying to grow my offline business, but that’s a whole different story. Me and my wife were really struggling financially in 2012 – I was working full time and on my days off I was trying to grow my offline business, yet we were still living from paycheck to paycheck. That’s why I decided to try this “make money online” thing again – just to make an extra $600 a month to help to pay the bills. I didn’t really have a ton of free time so I knew it had to be something I could to in around 30 minutes a day.

I won’t bore you with all the different systems and formulas that I tried and failed with… but there were many. I have to mention that apart of not having much free time, I also didn’t really have much money to invest… I mean, even $20 at that time was a lot – it was either an online course or groceries for a couple of days.

Finally – a light at the end of a tunnel! I stumbled upon a site called – and I instantly knew that I will be able to make money on it. $5 a pop for doing micro-jobs… that was perfect for me. I didn’t really need any special skills and these “Gigs” could be delivered in a few minutes. So I started testing – seeing what kind of gigs sell and which ones I would be actually able to deliver.

Like I mentioned before – I have a BA in English, so I felt comfortable with writing “gigs”. That’s exactly how I started making CONSISTENT money online for the first time – writing articles, blog posts, re-writing stuff, writing emails, testimonials etc. I knew I wasn’t going to make millions with it – but an extra $300 a month was a great start! Then it grew to $600, then to $1000. My goal was to make a consistent $1500 per month – at this point I knew I would be able to quit my 9 to 5 job and focus on my online business.

Then it finally happened – in November of 2014, I quit my job and started making money online full time. Remember – at this point, I was making $1500 a month, which allowed me to quit… AND something absolutely crazy and unexpected happened… the next month I made $2000 in profit, and the month after that $3000! How was that even possible? Well, simply because I had tunnel-vision, I was able to focus on making money online and nothing else – that’s when I started to see all the different opportunities I didn’t even have time for before.

Long story short – apart of making money on Fiverr, I created an online course showing people how to do exactly what I was doing… I was super fortunate to team up with a famous marketer and we sold over 1000 copies. At that point, I took it to the next level and started offering 1-on-1 coaching to people who just like me wanted to start making money on Fiverr. Since everything I was doing was working, I was simply doing more of the same – over and over and over and… by June 2015 I was making 5 figures per month in profit and I haven’t slowed down since!

I’m not writing this to brag or anything – I just want to show you that it is possible for ANYONE to make money online, no matter their experience, income or country of origin. Trust me – if I was able to make it, anyone can!

Anyhow, I hope reading this helped you in some way – either inspired you or gave you an idea on how you can start making money online… Please leave a comment if you have any questions or if you’d like to share your own story!

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