There are a million different courses about YouTube traffic out there… but I’ve never seen ANYTHING like this one. Instead of creating a channel and uploading videos (and generating traffic this way) you can leverage other people’s existing videos – let them do all the work and make an easy $100 per day, the SMART way!

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When you think about making money with YouTube traffic, you think about creating a channel, shooting videos, editing them, uploading to your channel, growing an audience etc… Well, what if I told you that you can skip all that?

There’s a way of leveraging existing videos and channels… with a few minutes of work per day! Sure, you can create your own channel and grow an audience if you want… OR you can let other people do the work and use their traffic to make sales!

Honestly – I’ve been on YouTube since 2007 and I never even thought about this little ‘Hack’ – it’s definitely a very smart way to generate traffic (in any niche) and make an easy $100 per day in the process.

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