Trendds Review and Bonus

Trendds Review and Bonus

Trendds Review! What is Trendds and do you even need it? If you want to make money online, you need to get eyeballs on your offer first… and to do that you’ll need content! The problem is – creating fresh content every day can take HOURS… trust me – I know about this first hand. The good news is that you can use other people’s content to make your sales online. The question is – which content are you going to use? There are THOUSANDS of articles and videos on any given subject. You don’t want to get lost in the internet noise. That’s where Trendds comes into play. It does all of the hard work for you – all you need is 2 minutes per day! Watch my full video review below for details…

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My Honest Trendds Review:

Trendds Demo:

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Trendds Review – so why is creating fresh content so time consuming? Well, even before you’ll start, you need to do the research on the subject and that alone can take HOURS. You don’t want to create a piece of content that is in a too broad category and that will get lost online in the sea of thousands of blog posts and articles.

Once you know your subject and keywords, it’s time to start writing, filming, editing etc – that’s another very time consuming task. Remember – you want to be smart about making money online… you don’t want to create a full time job for yourself on top of whatever you’re doing already.

When all of your content is ready, you need to go out there, find products you can promote an affiliate, grab your links, add them to your post etc – that’s the exciting part but it can be a bit overwhelming too.

What if I told you that you get to skip all the work I just described? “Trendds” does all of the above for you in a couple of minutes! It finds, curates, posts content for you and even adds affiliate links of related products automatically! Check out the demo above!

If you’re enjoying this Trendds Review and want to learn more about Trendds, check out my in depth video review above!

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TOTAL TRENDDS BONUSES – 12 (Worth $200 in Real Value)

*** Did you see my full video Trendds Review above? These Trendds Bonuses will be delivered to you automatically with your Trendds download ***

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Trendds Funnel:

Trendds Core

Price: Starting at $17 – 3 hour Early Bird

  • Access to SaaS
  • Search for trending content based on keyword input
  • trending keyword search – 500 per month (no recurring)
  • Related long – tail keywords (displayed / user can add manually)
  • User can add 1 existing blog to saas or build new using included theme
  • Included Monetization platforms – Amazon & Walmart
  • Content editor with related monetization choice
  • Direct posting to blog from software dash
  • 10 posts per month (no recurring)
  • Connector plugin for new and existing blogs
  • trendds pre-formatted WP theme
  • Social media share from saas
  • Post management
  • Software training videos

Trendds PRO

Price: $37

  • Related long – tail keywords… user can add as tags to finished post by checking boxes next to LT phrases
  • Trending keyword search – Unlimited (no recurring)
  • User can add unlimited existing blogs to saas or build unlimited new using included theme
  • Unlimited posts per month (no recurring)
  • Bonus: Additional blog monetization – $371 Per Day Blog Trick (Backed by Verifiable results)

Trendds MASTER

Price: $47

  • Set keyword derived automation per blog
  • Keyword based curation automation based on filters such as minimum Facebook likes
  • Automation frequency based on filters from every hour to once a week per blog (or any other user specified frequency)
  • Saas auto connects affiliate products relating to posts with users affiliate links
  • Set up scheduling of posts to FB (unlimited) – traffic
  • Automate unlimited content curation for unlimited blogs based on user specified filters
  • Included additional Monetization platforms – eBay & AliExpress
  • Bonus Training – Access to weird niche content and core (use with any blog: New and existing)

Trendds MAX

Price: $37

  • Developer – Develop and automate unlimited trendds based blogs for clients
  • Developer – Develop and curate unlimited trending monetized content for client’s blogs
  • Run as a service for multiple / unlimited clients – each client / blog has client key (clients content contains their affiliate links)
  • Developer – Develop, automate trendds based blogs and flip / sell complete sites with an option to change key for new owner and run for them.
  • Flipping video tutorial

Trendds AGENCY

Price: $77

  • 100% commissions on Trendds and the whole funnel

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To sum up this Trendds Review:

  • It’s a Must-Have for any Blogger, YouTuber or Affiliate Marketer
  • It’s a one-time-price vs. monthly of their competition
  • Nothing to install and works from anywhere
  • Allows you to rank easily and FAST
  • Finds and posts Top Trending content (saves you time)
  • Generates TRAFFIC IN ANY NICHE instantly

If you want to get more information about internet trends and their importance – here‘s an article explaining all of it!

If you have any questions about this Trendds Review, Demo or my Trendds Bonuses, please let me know in the comment section below! 🙂


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Trendds Review

Trendds Review

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