Tube Traffic Machine Review, Demo & Bonus

Tube Traffic Machine Review

Tube Traffic Machine Review

Tube Traffic Machine Review! What is Tube Traffic Machine all about? Let’s jump into it. First of all, there’s a myth out there about Google and YouTube liking original content – that’s WRONG! Google & YouTube like engaging content – they don’t like if it’s original. Big sites like Buzz Feed and others are using other people’s content all the time and they are making bank with it – without actually creating anything! That’s a great place to be because you’re just a curator of content – not a content creator, and we all know that creating videos and blog posts from scratch can take HOURS every single day. What Tube Traffic Machine is doing is it automates the whole process of running a news site like Buzz Feed – set it up once and you’re set with daily fresh content FOREVER.

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My Honest Tube Traffic Machine Review:

Tube Traffic Machine Demo:

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Tube Traffic Machine Review – I’m blown away how much money news sites are making… without actually reporting anything. Modern news sites don’t have any reporters on the streets… they have people sitting on their laptops in an office…

A regular person will say – so what, I don’t care… a smart marketer like you and me will say – how can I get a piece of that money making action? Glynn’s new plugin allows you to do exactly that – and it’s fully automated!

All you really need to do is set it up on a site – once – add the sources you want to be pulling the videos from and… that’s it! You have a fully automated news site like Buzz Feed, with fresh content every single day without lifting a finger.

How do you make money with it? Easy – Google Ads, Banner Ads, Affiliate Offers, Online Services, eCom Products, your own products etc – the sky is the limit here. You can literally pull videos from millions of channels and potentially get millions of views!

If you’re enjoying this Tube Traffic Machine Review and want to learn more about Tube Traffic Machine, check out my in depth video review above!

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Tube Traffic Machine Review

Tube Traffic Machine Review

TOTAL Tube Traffic Machine Bonuses – 24 (Worth $450 in Real Value)

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Tube Traffic Machine Funnel:

OTO 1 Tube Traffic Machine Automated Traffic Flow

  • Done-For-You traffic system
  • Place Facebook & Google Ads pixels on the sales page of the Tube Traffic Machine
  • Training included
  • Get FREE high converting highly targeted traffic
  • Million unique hits generated to Glynn’s sales pages
  • ONE TIME offer that won’t be around for long
  • Kind of traffic newbies can only dream of

OTO 2 Tube Traffic Machine UNLIMITED Version

  • UNLIMITED Viral Money Sites
  • Install on As Many Sites As You Want
  • Visually Stunning Themes
  • ADDITIONAL Money Making Features
  • Will Save You Hours, Days, Weeks
  • Zero Tech Skills Required
  • NO Website or Hosting Required
  • 100% Done-For-You Solution

OTO 3 Tube Traffic Machine – Reddit “Traffic Machine” Theme

  • Build a Reddit-styled viral money site
  • Skyrocket your profits from the most engaged social audiences on the planet
  • Full Automated
  • MORE Passive Income – Reddit audiences LOVE video content
  • Grow BIGGER Lists
  • More organic traffic
  • Effortless integration with TubeTraffic Machine’s BUILT-IN traffic engine

OTO 4 Tube Traffic Machine List Builder Crusher Upgrade

  • Additional Plugin
  • This plugin allows you to put optin overlays onto the videos on your site & add CALL TO ACTION buttons
  • Build your email list faster than ever
  • Get a huge rate of optins as you can

OTO 5 – Tube Traffic Machine Agency Rights

  • Use Tube Traffic Machine on behalf of your clients
  • Create Viral Traffic Sites for local businesses, other online marketers
  • User create X amount of accounts – charge whatever you want

OTO 6 – Tube Traffic Machine License Rights

  • Gets rights to sell Tube Traffic Machine
  • DFY email swipes to promote it
  • Gets access to Glynn via FB and Skype

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To sum up this Tube Traffic Machine Review:

  • It’s a Business-In-A-Box
  • 100% Hands-Off
  • Millions Of Potential Visitors
  • Allows you to start making money w/o investing
  • Generates free traffic on demand
  • Works in ANY NICHE

If you want to get more information about content curation and it’s importance – here‘s an article explaining all of it!

If you have any questions about this Tube Traffic Machine Review, Demo or my Tube Traffic Machine Bonuses, please let me know in the comment section below! 🙂


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Tube Traffic Machine Review and Bonus

Tube Traffic Machine Review and Bonus

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Linkedin Marketing Solutions – LinkedIn Business In a Box Review

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions – LinkedIn Business In a Box Review


LinkedIn Marketing Solutions – LinkedIn Business In a Box Review – Many marketers choose LinkedIn as their favourite social media platform for one simple reason – it is the number one social media site for professionals! It’s very different from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others where people spend time talking to friends and family and looking at funny cat pictures. A person logging in to LinkedIn is in a specific, business oriented mindframe and that is why it is much easier to market to that type of audience.

Linkedin Business In a Box is a complete step-by-step course which will teach you how to market any business on LinkedIn, and more importantly – how to do it the right way. It comes as a set of an Ebook, audio & video training. It is very easy to follow and it taps into the incredible viral power of LinkedIn. Not only this – the course comes as a PLR (Public Label Rights) which means that you can re-brand it and sell as your own course, which makes it even more powerful!

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, the modules :

  •  Module #1: Linkedin Marketing Solutions Training Guide (a $600 value)
  •  Module #2: Linkedin Marketing Solutions Cheat-Sheet (a $50 value)
  •  Module #3: Linkedin Marketing Solutions Mind-Map (a $50 value)
  •  Module #4: Professional Mini-site (a $300 value)
  •  Module #5: High Converting Sales Copy (a $400 value)
  •  Module #6: 3 Promotional Swipe Emails (a $100 value)
  •  Module #7: 8 Animated Banners (a $80 value)
  •  Module #8: Complete set of Professional Graphics (a $150 value)
  •  Module #9: How to set up everything Video (a $100 value)
  •  Module #10: Top Resources Report (a $50 value)
  •  Fast Action Bonus: Bonus Special Report. (a $200 value)

So if you are serious about using LinkedIn as one of your marketing strategy, go ahead and click here to see the full features of LinkedIn Business In a Box!

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

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5 Dollar Wonder Review – is it a SCAM?

5 Dollar Wonder Review – SCAM or Real Online Opportunity?


5 Dollar Wonder Review – What is $5 Wonder? In theory it is a simple Money Making System that was developed with the newbie in mind but more experienced Internet Marketers can take advantage of it as well. But does it actually work?

On Sign Up you pay a $5 fee (or a $50 if you want lifetime access) and what you should be getting in return is a ‘Business in a Box’.

5 Dollar Wonder Review – What you get with 5 Dollar Wonder:

– 3 different sales pages with your tracking code
– Resources on how to get free advertising on Facebook, Craigslist and Forums
– Resources on how to send out Free Solo Ads + different Solo Ad Copies
– Resources on how to set up your autoresponder and do Email Marketing
– An opportunity to submit 5 different banner ads a month for Free
– Free Access to 40 different ebooks about Internet Marketing that you can sell later on

5 Dollar Wonder Review Summary:

So it all looks great but does it actually work…

The answer is… NO! I’ve personally bought it and followed all of the instructions provided in the course, plus I used my own strategies as well and NOTHING! Not a single Opt-In!

5 Dollar Wonder is not a SCAM but I don’t see it working and making any Real Money and the results are not even close to what is promised in the course.

So the conclusion of this 5 Dollar Wonder Review is… Don’t Invest in It!

There are many different ways to invest $5 and Get Real Results!

My course ‘Fiverr Cash Flow 2.0‘ will cost you only $4.95 and it will actually Make You Money:

Fiverr Cash Flow – How to Make Money on Fiverr – A Tested and Proven Technique!

So don’t waste your time with programs that do not work, like 5$ Wonder and try the one above – it will Make You Money!

Good Luck 🙂