Are you struggling to make sales as an affiliate? If you do, it’s probably because you do the same exact thing as hundreds of other affiliates… you grab your link and you send traffic to it. Now, that worked fine a few years back but in 2018, you have to do better – people are too used to seeing affiliate promos every single day! So what do you do? Mark recently came up with a new “carrot & stick” method, and he is killing it as an affiliate, without actually doing any HARD affiliate marketing? The formula is pretty simple and anyone can use it, and because it’s so different, it makes a HUGE difference in sales… How huge? $633.60 in 15 hours Huge!

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My interview with Mark, the course creator:

My honest review of the course:

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If you’re familiar with how affiliate marketing works, you already have a leg up over your competition! All you need to do is implement 4 simple tweaks (all of these are free) and you’ll see a dramatic increase in your affiliate sales!

These tweaks will bring in instant sales – but not only that. At the same time you’ll be building an evergreen traffic & sales stream. After doing this for a little while, you’ll be waking up to sales that are 100% Passive that came effortlessly.

If you’re serious about making sales as an affiliate in 2018, you need this formula – old the old ones simply don’t work anymore. Affiliate Marketing is alive and well – you just have to adapt to the new times we’re in 😉

If you want to learn more about Blox, check out my in depth video review above!

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