Viral News Jacker Review and Bonus

Viral News Jacker Review and Bonus

Viral News Jacker Review! What’s inside Viral News Jacker? Well, if you want to create a passive income stream for yourself, it’s definitely for you! It’s a piece of software that creates self-updating websites, with auto-added viral content to them. You can pick the source of the content for your site and guess what – Viral News Jacker will automatically spin it for you, so you end up with a brand new, freshly created unique post – which is exactly what Google loves. That alone would be amazing – but there’s more! Multiple traffic sources are also included, so you can start getting thousands of eyeballs on your posts – the more the better. Of course, at this point you can monetize it – in a bunch of different ways. Watch my full review and demo for details.

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My Honest Viral News Jacker Review:

Viral News Jacker Demo:

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Viral News Jacker Review – Making money online is great and it definitely changed my life. It created a level of freedom I would never been able to achieve when working for a boss. You control your own time, business and what you do… with that being said, there’s still work to be done every single day. Any business needs to be managed – an online business too!

That’s why I’m really looking into creating passive income streams, that will make me money, regardless of me working or not – that’s the next level. When I was a newbie I’ve heard a phrase and it stuck with me: “Passive Income is the Holy Grail for anyone making money online” – and it’s absolutely true, all these years later. That’s definitely my next focus.

When I saw Viral News Jacker, I thought – that’s it! A great way to create a passive income stream – you set it up once and you reap the benefits for the months or even years to come. Completely hands-off, and guess what – you can pick between monthly passive income coming in, or selling the whole thing and cashing in on the Big Bucks.

I saw a couple of products that are similar to this one recently, but with Viral News Jacker, there’s one big difference – you actually get a spinner software included with it, which means that all auto-created posts and content will be 100% unique – you can even sell the content itself if you want to. The sky is the limit here when it comes to income opportunities – both passive and immediate cash.

If you’re enjoying this Viral News Jacker Review and want to learn more about Viral News Jacker, check out my in depth video review above!

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Bonuses you’re getting from me for Free, as a Thank You for picking up Viral News Jacker through my link today:

Viral News Jacker Review and Custom Bonus

Viral News Jacker Review and Custom Bonus

CUSTOM, CUSTOM, CUSTOM Bonus I made especially for this review – you won’t be able to get it anywhere else! 20 DFY Newsletters which will make Viral News Jacker a complete offer!

Resellers License to 3 of my Top Selling products: Insta Vid, Traffic Trapper 2.0 & Traffic Xtractor Ultimate – this bonus alone is worth $500 and allows you to sell all 3 products and keep 100% commissions on the whole funnel!

High Ticket Hijack Review and Bonuses

High Ticket Hijack Review and Bonuses

Exclusive Software Bonus – this software generates traffic which converts really well for affiliate marketers. Other people paid for it – you’re getting it for free as a part of this bonus.

High Ticket Hijack Review Bonus

High Ticket Hijack Review Bonus

5 Done For You Affiliate Marketing Campaigns – I normally sell these as an OTO to my own products – you’re getting it for free and these DFY campaigns made me thousands of dollars – just Copy-Paste them and start earning!

$500 CPA Every Day – the name tells it all! An all in one formula for making money with CPA Marketing – traffic source is included with it.

$200 Cash Hack – another WSOTD awarded course by Glynn and an Exclusive Bonus. A super simple strategy for making up to $200 per day – try it out.

$300 CPA Every Day – totally different to the $500 CPA Every Day formula, essentially allows you to make even more money with CPA marketing and underground traffic strategies.

The CPA Coffee Shop Method – yes, you can work from a coffee shop and make money with CPA this way and the cool thing is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to start seeing results.

$2,000 CPA Traffic Jacker – traffic strategies that make a killing with CPA marketing. “Hicack” the traffic, send it over to cpa offers and cash in BIG!

Instant Traffic Jacker – another WSOTD awarded course on how to hijack traffic and turn it into $100 per day online income – you’ll love this one for sure and how easy it is.

The Commission Magnet – yes, yet another another award winning course you’re getting for free as a part of this bonus. This course is actually still on sale – but you don’t have to pay.

The Commissions Toolbox – I actually remember promoting this course! It’s still very relevant and it was released not too long ago. Amazing formula to make money online.

$100 CPA Daily – a Case Study documenting how Glynn makes $100 per day with CPA Marketing

Pure Profit Payday – yes, this is a WSOTD too. So much value in bonuses I’m giving away here!

WP Video – a plugin which will make your life easier when it comes to grabbing attention with video on your sites. A must-have for anyone with a site.

Viral Click – viral traffic software. A big help for anyone trying to get more traffic and make more money online.

Affiliate Advantage – a wordpress plugin that any affiliate marketer should have. Easy set up, allows you to earn more and automates profits.

Image Plus – yes, another software you’re getting for free as a part of this bonus package. This one is for anyone working with images.

Link Building Expert – if you have an email list or you’re thinking about creating one, you will definitely need this bonus. Learn from the experts in the industry and model their success.

100 eCourse Publishing Tips – thinking about publishing an online info product? You’ll want to stick to these 100 tips, which break down the whole process.

Speedy Content Publishing Tips – another must-have for anyone trying to make money by giving away or sell info products. This time you’ll learn how to save time.

SlideShare Tips Videos – SlideShare is a great place for gettign high quality targeted traffic and backlinks at the same time. You’ll see exactly how to use it.

Additional 9 software solutions and plugins:

Viral News Jacker Review

Viral News Jacker Review

TOTAL Viral News Jacker Bonuses – 32 (Worth $1625 in Real World Value)

+ My MEGA BONUS worth $1500+ in Real World Value – Click on the image to see it!

*** THAT’S A TOTAL OF $3125! Did you see my full video Viral News Jacker Review above? These Viral News Jacker Bonuses will be delivered to you automatically with your Viral News Jacker download ***

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Viral News Jacker Funnel:

Viral News Jacker Review and Funnel

Viral News Jacker Review and Funnel

Viral News Jacker OTO1 – VN Unlimited – This upgrade allows you to create unlimited viral news sites & install on unlimited domains – this is definitely for people who will want to use this software as a service for other people and/or flipping sites.

Viral News Jacker OTO2 – Done-For-You Themes – A news site is one thing but if you want to make your sites more engaging, you can crush It With Reddit & Buzzfeed Style Viral Sites – you can flip these sites for much higher prices, and this model definitely generates more commissions.

Viral News Jacker OTO3 – Automated Traffic Flow – Done-For-You traffic that’s potentially endless! What you get to do here is add your Facebook & Google Ads pixel on all of the previous sales pages and the sales page of the ViralNewsJacker launch to siphon out traffic. Video training is included on how to get your pixel, how to run ads via re-targeting to this HUGE audience. You can get unlimited traffic with this at a one time price!

Viral News Jacker OTO4 -Tube Traffic Jacker – With this upgrade you’ll be able to add more traffic to your news site from YouTube. This ups the viral potential for each and every single post you’ll have on there.

Viral News Jacker OTO5 -Triple Threat Traffic – Need even more traffic? This is the upgrade for the ones who want to master multiple traffic sources and make much more money down the road.

Viral News Jacker OTO6 -License Rights – You get rights to sell ViralNewsJacker as your own product and keep 100% of the profits for yourself. You get DFY email swipes to promote it as your own product and everything is fully done for you. You also get a series of traffic videos to help you sell it, especially if you haven’t run traffic before. Most importantly – you also get access to Glynn via FB and Skype for any future help

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Viral News Jacker Review and Proof

Viral News Jacker Review and Proof

To sum up this Viral News Jacker Review:

  • Automatic, self updating sites with unlimited posts
  • Automatically Added SPINNED Content (Unique)
  • Highly Engaging Design and Structure
  • One Time set Up – Works For Years To Come
  • It’s all Done-For-You and saves hours of work
  • You Can Flip These Sites Or Charge Other For Set Up
  • Creates Passive Income Streams

If you want to get more information about news websites – here‘s an article explaining all of it!

If you have any questions about this Viral News Jacker Review, the Demo or my Viral News Jacker Bonuses, please let me know in the comment section below! 🙂

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Viral News Jacker Reviews

Viral News Jacker Reviews

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