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Submit Press Release Top 11 Sites – Writing a Press Release can be a real benefit to your business if you do it right! It can get you thousands of free visitors to your website or blog but there’s also an additional benefit – backlinks!

After the latest Google updates, not many links outside of social media are really helping to build the High PR backlink juice that every site needs in order to rank good.

Article directories are still working but in a much less impactful way. The only two other ways of building backlinks to your site that can get you the advantage over your competition are Writing and Submitting a Press Release to different online media outlets and PDF Submission sites (which I’ll be writing about in the next post).

So if you want to submit a Press Release and get the double benefit of it (exposure plus backlinks) here are the Top 11 PR Sites you should familiarize yourself with. All of them are Free to Use but you’ll have to create an account on some of them.

Submit Press Release Top 11 Sites:

1 NPR –

2 Beta News –

3 Directions Mag –
4 Thomas Net –
5 Nanotech Now –
6 PR Log –
7 Download Junction –
8 News Wire Today –
9 PR Inside –
10 24-7 Press Release –
11 –
Submit Press Release Top 11 Sites – When writing a Press Release you have to remember about one more thing – your Press Release has to be actually ‘News Worthy’! It means that you can’t simply submit one every time you upload a new blog post to your site… But a launch or a relaunch of a website would work just perfectly!
So there you go – here are the Top 11 Submit Press Release Sites.
Enjoy 🙂



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