How to choose a Good Domain Name – 5 Essential Rules


How to choose a good domain name – This is a question many business owners are asking themselves when starting a new business or going into a new niche. The fact is that most of the premium domain names are already bought by someone else and even if it is not currently in use, the owner will probably hold on to it until a buyer with a big budget will show up… But there is still hope! There are a few rules that can help you find and register a good domain name without spending thousands of dollars.

Here are the 5 Essential Rules on How to choose a good domain name:

1. .com – If you want to be found easily and stay in the memory of your clients you absolutely have to go with a .com domain. In the last years there were many different trends and marketers all around the world were excited about the .net, .biz, .info, .mobi, .me domains but in the end of the day it is still .com that is the most popular extension.

2. Keywords in the name – if you own a pet shop in Houston, as an example, it will probably be a better idea to go with instead of adding your company name in the domain name! Your future customers will be able to find you very easily when doing a Google search!

3. A name that stays in mind – certain names simply stay in mind and it usually works when they rhyme or the beginning of the word is identical in a two/three word name, f.e. Coca Cola, Black Berry, Bed Bath & Beyond etc. Get creative and look for names like this.

4. Easy spelling – Don’t use complicated words that people might misspell. Shorter, simpler words tend to work better, even if you’ll have to add an extra word.

5. Creativity – Since almost all of the one word domains are taken, you can try to get creative and create a new word that will be easy to remember. You can try to┬ácompound two words (YouTube), join parts of different words (Microsoft), change a word (Flickr), add a prefix or a suffix (Sognify), or make up a completely new word (Odeo).

With these 5 Essential Rules in mind you already know how to choose a good domain name and you should have no problem with coming up with a name for your next website!

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