Free Directory Submission Sites – Top 10 for 2014

Top 10 Free Directory Submission Sites

Top Free Directory Submission Sites

Free Directory Submission Sites – there’s a good chance that they will be much more relevant in 2014, especially with the newest Google algorithms updates! Many people gave up on SEO after their websites took a hit after the last Google updates. The truth is that it is not impossible to end up on page one of Google today, it just takes a smarter marketer to do it! Google will be looking for natural backlinks from websites with High Page Rank and these Free Directory Submission Sites might be exactly what will work!

Here you have the Top 10 Free Directory Submission Sites for 2014:

1. All Free Things – PR4

2. Free PR Web Directory – PR6

3. LiLink – PR7

4.  So Much – PR6

5. High Rank Directory – PR6

6. Marketing Internet Directory – PR6

7. Hot Vs Not – PR6

8.  Submission Web Directory – PR6

9. Diolead – PR6

10. Esjoub – PR6

Most of the Free Directory Submission Sites can and probably will take up to 6 months to make the backlink live, unless you are willing to pay for the listing. Crating White Hat Backlinks is not an overnight process – treat it as an investment in your future online success!

Good luck 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Free Directory Submission Sites – Top 10 for 2014

  1. Great directory sites. This kind of backlinks have high PR and link juice that divert traffic and visitor to our site.

  2. You shared very good list of best web directories. I know a web directory personally that is also a good directory. It reviews all listings manually very fast even in free package. Here is the link below…

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