BulletProof Method Review

BulletProof Method Review

BulletProof Method Review! What’s inside The BulletProof Method? Well, if you want to create a passive income stream for yourself, it’s definitely for you! I always knew that Anthony made money outside of selling is products online and doing affiliate marketing… and I finally found out what it is! To be completely honest with you – it’s super exciting, fresh and no one else does this! Essentially he uses different hacks to get free traffic and he sends it to offers that no one really promotes – and that’s why they are paying out $20-$150 a pop! The best part is that you don’t have to sell anything – it’s like CPA Marketing but pays much better. In some cases there’s NO COMPETITION, which is great because you’ll be able to see instant results with this, even if you’re totally new to making money online!

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My Honest BulletProof Method Review:

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BulletProof Method Review – Unfortunately many courses on making money online out there are re-hashed or updated version of the same exact methods that you’ve seen a thousand times already… new name, new graphics, new sales page, and sometimes a new vendor selling it – yet no new information, or at least to little to actually make a difference.

That’s why I decided to review the BuleltProof Method – it’s a breath of fresh air. I’ve been making money online full time since 2014 and that’s my first time seeing a course about this method! And it’s not just the method that is so exciting – the traffic sources and the way Anthony sets this up to create Passive Income streams is even more exciting.

He’s making $100-$200 per day this way and once it’s set up – you don’t have to worry about it, update it, keep on coming back to it or anything else like that! One of these little machines is one passive income stream that you create – and you can create as many as you want – even hundreds if you’ll choose to.

I also love the fact that there’s no real competition, which means instant results, no stress, and the fact that even if you won’t do everything perfectly your first time – you’ll still make some money with it. I don’t really have much time for trying out new methods myself, but I’ll definitely give this one a go – it’s easy, it’s passive and it’s fun!

If you’re enjoying this BulletProof Method Review and want to learn more about BulletProof Method, check out my in depth video review above!

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BulletProof Method Reviews

BulletProof Method Reviews

CUSTOM Bonus to BulletProof Method I made myself – it will allow you to make much more money with advanced SEO hacks and techniques! Definitely a must-have bonus that will take your nlien game to a whole new level!

WSOTD #1 – Everything you need to know about creating passive income streams online, and with really fast results – the easy way. You’ll love this bonus!

WSOTD #2 – A great method for making money online from Paul – all you need to create an online income stream and then scale it. P1 Profits is awesome.

WSOTD #3 – A recent course on making money online – it’s still selling and other people paid for it – you don’t have to pay today. I remember promoting this as an affiliate – great course.

WSOTD #4 – Need money fast? This is a course that you definitely want to go through – five different methods for the fastest cash you’ll make online. You’re gettign 5 different ways.

WSOTD #5 – who doesn’t need money making traffic, right? With this method you’ll see how to get high quality traffic in 24 hours. Now that’s fast results!

WSOTD #6 – My own course on how to make $300 per micro site per month in 100% passive income. You can create as many of these as you want and it takes 1-2 hours to set it all up.

WSOTD #7 – need traffic? This course will teach you all the secrets of Bing Ads and how to get high quality traffic for pennies – a must-have.

WSOTD #8 – The easiest money you’ll ever make online delivering simple services to people. I takes 3 minutes per “gig” and you can do this dozens of times every single day.


WSOTD #9 – My own award winning course I added to this bonus bundle today – traffic & profits for newbies in any niche with real examples.


WSOTD #10 – this one is mine too – everything you need to know about free and paid traffic from Facebook & big profits. It’s easy, it’s scalable and it’s fun!


WSOTD #11 – Want to make money fast? 6 Minute Profits is definitely for you – affiliate marketing combined with free traffic = instant profits.


WSOTD #12 – Traffic, Traffic, Traffic, we always need it right? You’ll get all the traffic you need with the Traffic Titan formula. Think outside of the box!

WSOTD #13 -solo ads are amazing for fast results – but you need to know how to buy them and what funnel to use – unless you want to waste thousands of dollars overnight.

WSOTD #14 -$100 a day is not a lot for some people – for others it is life changing income allowing them to quit their job. You’ll be able to make a quick $100 per day with this.

WSOTD #15 -Ever thought about creating your own product? Normally it takes a ton of work, but with Product Creation Hero you’ll skip all the hard work and go straight to the profits.

WSOTD #16 -$1k Per Month Online – you can do this in your spare time and you don’t need any experience to start – pretty amazing.

TOTAL BulletProof Method Bonuses – 17 (Worth $625 in Real World Value)

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BulletProof Method Funnel:

BulletProof Method Review and Funnel

BulletProof Method Review and Funnel

BulletProof Method OTO 1: $37 – PRO Version – Want to get more FREE Traffic to your offers and triple your profits? This is the upgrade for you then. You’ll be able to actually work less, and Make Money While You Sleep – completely passive and hands-off approach to scaling up your income with this method.

BulletProof Method OTO 2:  $67 – ‘Done For You’ (5-10x Your Income)- With this upgrade you can skip past the initial ‘trial and error’ phase and make a lot more money, much quicker! All you need to do is plug-in to this PROVEN ‘DFY’ BulletProof campaigns that have been battle-tested, and enjoy instant profits.

BulletProof Method OTO 3:  $37 – ‘Case Studies Pack’- Want even more over-the-shoulder Case Studies? Here Paul & Anthony reveal their best kept secrets and show you how they went from 0 to profit. You’re also getting additional tips, tricks and some of their best golden nuggets as they go through our profitable real life case-studies.

BulletProof Method OTO 4: $97 – Reseller/License Rights – Want to sell The BulletProof Method as your own product and keep 100% of the profits? That’s the upgrade for you. These guys will handle support & delivery so all you really need to do is send traffic to your link – that’s it.

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BulletProof Method Review and Proof

BulletProof Method Review and Proof

To sum up this BulletProof Method Review:

  • Create Multiple Passive Income Streams
  • 3 Ways To Profit The Easy Way
  • Really Beginner Friendly
  • One Time Set Up – Works For Years To Come
  • Explores A Very Under-served Market
  • Little To No Competition
  • You Can Do This Over & Over Again

If you want to get more information about Pay Per Call Ads – here‘s an article explaining all of it!

If you have any questions about this BulletProof Method Review, the Demo or my BulletProof Method Bonuses, please let me know in the comment section below! 🙂

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BulletProof Method Review and Bonus

BulletProof Method Review and Bonus

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