Viral Raptor Review and $691 Bonus

Viral Traffic is by far the best kind of traffic that you can generate… why? Well, not only because it’s 100% Free but also because people actually care about what they share and what their friends share with them! This way you can be sure that apart of not having to pay a cent for it, you will also get a TON of engagement and sales. However it’s it not so easy to generate Viral Traffic – until today! Viral Raptor is a clever piece of software which handle the traffic generation problem for you – all you need is something that you can give away :)

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My honest review of the product:

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I’ve seen many different attempts on getting viral traffic and trust me – it’s much harder than it seems to be – simply because you can’t control other people and the fact of them sharing your stuff (or not).

However, you can reward them for sharing your offers/pages – and that’s where software solutions come in handy. Viral Raptor will create a giveaway page for you in under a minute and then it will keep track of who’s sharing it.

This way you can be sure that before you actually give something away, at least 5 other people will see it – and that’s how it goes Viral. The best part about it is the snowball effect and the fact that you can generate THOUSANDS of visitors with a few clicks of your mouse!

If you want to learn more about Viral Raptor, check out my in depth video review above!

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