The Bonus Vault Review & DFY Bonus

Why some affiliates can easily make HUNDREDS of sales while others struggle to make more than a couple, even when promoting the same exact products? Simple answer – successful ones offer Bonuses if you get the product with their link! The problem is that it’s harder and harder to offer good unique bonuses, since everyone is using the same exact PLR courses as giveaways… but today is the day you’ll be able to distance yourself from the competition! Inside ‘The Bonus Vault’ you get 40 Done For You, High Quality Bonuses – all of these are WSOTD Awarded courses, not just another PLR – this will Skyrocket your affiliate sales!

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My Honest Review of the product:


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You know why I’m able to generate dozens if not hundreds of sales with any affiliate promotion? I’m always giving away Unique Bonuses – either my own WSOTD courses or WSOTD courses of the creator of the course I’m promoting…

This works for me because I have a ton of courses I’ve released myself over the years + I know the creators of new courses personally and I can ask them for bonuses before their course goes live… but if you’re only starting out you don’t have that luxury.

That’s why The Bonus Vault is a perfect option for any new affiliate – you don’t need to have your own courses or know the Big Guys to be able to give away High Quality Bonuses and make a TON of sales – it’s your chance to even out the playing field!

If you want to learn more about The Bonus Vault, check out my in depth video review above!

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