Video Niche Domination Review, Demo & Bonus

Imagine you could rank any video you want on Page 1 of Google in minutes – in any niche! It sounds almost too good to be true… but Paul & Adam have been doing this for years. So what are they doing differently? Of course you always need your keywords in the title, description and tags etc – the usual stuff… but after they are done with all that, they use a secret piece of software, which automatically ranks the video for them – it’s Super Powerful! Check out the demo below!

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My honest review of the product:

Demo of the Software:

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What’s great about being able to rank your videos on Page 1 of Google is that, once it’s on there, you’re getting 100% Passive traffic for years to come in many cases! Passive traffic = Passive Income – the Holy Grail for anyone making money online 🙂

Now, there are SEO experts which use super advanced software and create thousands of links in multiple tiers etc… but for the most part, you don’t need any of this. If you’re smart about it, you can get away with minimal research (done in minutes).

The secret sauce is the software that Paul & Adam are using – it can take any video and bump it from Page 10 to Page 1 in a matter of hours, even minutes in some cases. All of that without advanced SEO knowledge or complicated professional software!

If you want to learn more about Video Niche Domination, check out my in depth video review above!

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Bingy Bing Rank Hacker Review & Bonus

Having your page or site on the 1st page of the search engines can do WONDERS when it comes to generating income online! Many people try to get there but with recent Google updates it’s not so easy anymore (and that’s why many people moved on to the next thing). However, ranking a new site on the 1st page is still possible – with Bing and Yahoo!

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Mark made hundreds of thousands of dollars with free traffic from Bing and Yahoo alone… Google controls 70% of the internet traffic pie but the remaining 30% is still a huge number when you think about millions of searches, done each and every day!

Inside Bingy, Mark shows how he generates up to 22k visitors in less than 48hrs with brand new pages and sites – he literally hacked the system and it makes him a ton of money on autopilot every single day.

Once everything is in place, you’ll be enjoying 100% Free Traffic in any niche (on autopilot) for the rest of your site’s days – just imagine how many sales would you generate this way…

If you want to learn more about Bingy – Bing Rank Hacker, check out my in depth video review above!

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How to create Free, High PR, White Hat Backlinks

How to create Free, High PR, White Hat Backlinks

Free High PR White Hat Backlinks

How to create Free, High PR, White Hat Backlinks

This is the question which almost everyone who owns a website is asking or at least should be asking… After the infamous Google updates, it is about quality and not so much about the quantity of the backlinks and that’s why many people are going for the obvious options like directory submission sites, article directories, pdf directories, press release sites, social media etc. The question is where you go from there…

Well, if we’re going to dig a little deeper we will find that there are Tons of High PR, authority websites that we can get Free, High PR, White Hat Backlinks from but people seem to just overlook them or don’t even know that they exist!

Not all of these sites might be suitable for your website or blog but I just wanted to expose you to these to go a little further and beyond what everyone else is doing.

Top 5 Blog Aggregator Sites:

1) – PR8

2) – PR6

3) – PR6

4) – PR5

5) – PR5

Top 10 Business Listing Sites:

1) – PR8

2) – PR7

3) – PR7

4) – PR7

5) – PR6

6) – PR6

7) – PR6

8) – PR5

9) – PR5

10) – PR5

Top 8 Audio Sharing Sites:

1) – PR7

2) – PR6

3) – PR6

4) – PR5

5) – PR5

6) – PR5

7) – PR5

8) – PR5

As I already mentioned, not all of the above might work for you but if you have a blog than you should definitely submit it to the Blog Aggregator sites. If you want to create backlinks to your offline business site, then use the Business Listing Sites. The Audio Sharing Sites can be used by anyone – all you have to do is create an original 1min+ audio (with your voice or something like that), upload it to these sites and get your free backlink.

My idea behind this post was not only to share these resources with you but also to show you that sometimes we have to see the bigger picture and think outside of the box – if we’ll do that than we’ll be ahead of our competition in no time!

Good luck to you!


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Keyword Planner Tool Alternatives – Keyword Research

Keyword Planner Tool Alternatives – Keyword Research


Google Keyword Planner Tool is a free tool used by millions of people to do their strategic keyword research. If you want people to find your website it is essential to place the key words right on your website’s pages, posts and articles. Since Google Keyword Planner Tool has replaced the Google Keyword Tool, many people started to see a difference between the two, especially when it comes to the accuracy of the new tool! However Google is not the only company offering a key word tool to the public…

Here are my Top 5 Picks when it comes to Free Alternatives to Google Keyword Planner Tool:

1. Worldtracker’s Tool

This is definitely the Number One alternative to Google Keyword Planner. Worldtracker’s Tool includes over 3.4 billion keywords in its database and this number is growing very fast as new searches are added to the directory every day.

2. Übersuggest

A strong second place! Übersuggest always shows a very long list of keywords which is great if you want to include different variations of the same key word in your article.

3. Wordpot

This tool is great because you don’t even need to sign up for a free account – you simply visit their site, type in the keywords and get results back in seconds!

4. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

One of the most popular keyword tools online! I ranked it on the 4th place just because it used to be easily accessible (like Wordpot) but they changed it so now you have to create an account – which is free by the way. Great tool!

5. Bing Keyword Research Tool

Bing is Google’s number one competitor and they have a great keyword tool as well! To use this keyword tool you will need to start using Bing Webmaster Tools first. After you’ll have everything in place, you can easily take advantage of this great free tool!

So these are my Top 5 Picks when it comes to Google Keyword Planner alternatives. Don’t forget that while researching your keywords, you can actually use more than one tool to compare results and decide which keywords you’ll go with!

Good luck 🙂