Clone My Commissions Review, Interview & Bonus

Question… how many online courses did you buy so far? And what’s even more important – how many actually made you money? You see… it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost with all these new methods, formulas and software coming out every single day – I know from experience! If you’re only starting out, you need a proper Money Making System and not just a formula to make a quick buck or a loophole that works today but won’t work tomorrow. Mosh has been making money online for years now and inside his newest course, he shows you exactly how he went from Zero to 6 figures a year – and how you can easily copy that!

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My interview with Mosh, the creator:

My honest review of the course:

Go HERE @ 9am EST on May 19th & grab it with my AWESOME Bonuses!!!

When I first got into making money online, I was buying course after course, almost daily – chasing the next best thing and never really putting anything into practice. It wasn’t until I invested into a proper online course (which was almost $600) that I started earning

You see – even if you’ll pick up a course today, implement it, make a quick buck – the question is… will you be able to make the same tomorrow? Probably not… that’s why you have to start thinking about building an online business – not just making money.

Mosh & Jason are both 6 figure marketers and inside their newest course, you’ll see exactly what to do, not only to make money ASAP but how to kep growing and keep on making more and more every single month. It’s an absolute must-have for that price!

If you want to learn more about Clone My Commissions, check out my in depth video review above!

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Quick Affiliate Sniper Review and Bonus

Making Money Online can be time consuming and very overwhelming… It’s the best feeling in the world, but many people quit just because they don’t really know what to do, when they first get into it… that’s why Affiliate Marketing is so powerful, especially for people who are new to earning online. All the work is done for you – you just need to grab your affiliate link and send traffic to it. Fergal has been making money this way for almost a decade and today he decided to share one of his fail-proof strategy that makes him $60-$80 every single day!

Go HERE @ 10am EST on March 8th to get it with my Exclusive Bonus!!!

My honest review of the course:

Go HERE on March 8th @ 10am EST & grab it with my AWESOME Bonus!!!

Fergal is actually one of the “Gurus” that I was following before I made my first dollar online – his courses got me from zero to where I am today! That’s why I know that every single strategy that he uses works – and I’m the living proof of that.

We actually met in person last year on a Marketing Summit in Dublin – and it was a coolest thing ever! Actually meeting the person that helped you through his courses online – it was quite surreal :)

The formula inside Quick Affiliate Sniper won’t make you a millionaire – but $60-$80 per day is a great start and the best part is that you only need 30 minutes per day to make it work. It can be a side income for you OR you can scale it up from there…

If you want to learn more about Quick Affiliate Sniper, check out my in depth video review above!

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Max Daily Profits Review, Interview and Bonus

If you are trying to make consistent money online, you know that it’s harder and harder to actually make a sale… why? Simply because people are bombarded with different promotions every single day! Even if you’ll manage to make a sale, you have to start worrying about the next one the second after… Well, Mark found a solution to that problem and it is… Free Trials combined with Recurring Commissions – quite brilliant :)

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My interview with Mark, the course creator:

My honest review of the course:

Go HERE on February 8th @ 9am EST & grab it with my AWESOME Bonuses!!!

Why Free Trials? Simply because it’s hard to say No to something for Free, right? And once people are in and they see that the product is actually of High Quality, they have no problem with paying for it – even if it’s a recurring payment.

But what does this mean for you? Two things – firstly, it’s easier to get people in with a Free Trial and secondly – you only have to make a sale once and you’ll enjoy the Recurring Commissions for the months to come – and trust me, it feels great!

The most important thing about it is that it is scalable – the more traffic you send, the more Passive Income you create – and that’s why I’m adding over $200 in my Exclusive Bonuses, which will allow you to send even more traffic…

If you want to learn more about Max Daily Profits, check out my in depth video review above!

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Growii Review, Interview and Bonus

Hey, what if you could turn $10 (or less) into a consistent $100+/month side Passive Income? And that’s just from one little post… you can set up as many of these Passive Income posts as you want! Sounds interesting? Well, it is and the reason why I took interest in this method is because it is based on a Real Life Case Study! So no theory or great ideas that don’t really work in practice – this is REAL and you can start creating these simple little posts with very little work!

Go HERE @ 10am EST on Ferbrary 3rd to get it with my Exclusive Bonuses!!!

My honest review of the course:

My interview with Stefan, the course creator:

Go HERE on Ferbrary 3rd @ 10am EST & grab it with my AWESOME Bonuses!!!

Passive Income is the Holy Grail for anyone who is making money online and if you can create it in your spare time, then it makes it that much more exciting… and that’s exactly what you’l be able to do with Growii!

Stefan figured out a way of creating simple, little money making posts which earn him money virtually forever after he presses the Submit button. He uses a very unique startegy which not many marketers are using at the moment – super clever if you’d ask me.

Esentially every single time he invests $10, he creates a $100-$300/month Passive Income stream – how many would you create if you knew how to? Imagine just having 10-20 of these… would it change your financial situation?

If you want to learn more about Growii, check out my in depth video review above!

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Free Training – 100% Newbie Friendly

Today I’ve prepared another Free Training Video for you – it’s 100% Newbie Friendly… With this cool trick you’ll be able to start making money online as soon as tomorrow – with only 5 minutes of work! The training video contains some elements taken out of my newest ‘FLIPPme’ course, which goes live on the 10th of June @ 9am EST.

Click Here to Win a Free Copy of my newest course – FLIPPme

Click Here to Win a Free Copy of my newest course – FLIPPme

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5 things I wish I knew before I got into Internet Marketing

5 things I wish I knew before I got into Internet Marketing

5 things I wish I knew before I got into Internet Marketing

Today I have a very special post for you… it is a reflection on my internet marketing journey. I want to give you an insight of my mindset before and after I started Making Money Online. It is actually quite funny because, probably like anyone wanting to get into internet marketing, making money online or online business, I started with a similar approach of wanting to make millions overnight. The reality of it all is a bit different and I guess you have two kinds of people that will take different actions after they realize that fact – the ones that stop after a short while of having little to no success and the persistent ones that continue their journey, despite the failures and money lost…

Before I made a decision to dedicate myself to internet marketing and really make things work I had a similar mind frame – I wanted to Make Money Fast and without much work. It is very interesting how I’ve (and many other marketers) changed in the process…

Here are the 5 things I wish I knew before I got into Internet Marketing, without any particular order:

–          No-one gets rich quick! In the music industry they have a saying that any overnight success takes at least 7 years of work… When it comes to internet marketing, it is definitely less than that but it really depends on how dedicated each individual is. More dedicated people that are willing to put in the hours to learn and master different methods and actually implement the strategies that they’ve learnt about are more likely to succeed faster. People that are sort of ‘hanging around’ will probably never make more than a few dollars online and they will be the ones to say that ‘this stuff doesn’t work’!

–          You will work more rather than less! Many people get into online business with the ’30 minute work day’ in mind. The reality is that to master anything, it will take much more than 30 minutes a day, in fact it is more like several hours a day, every day! Once you have gained the skills and you’ll have the right systems in place it is possible to automate your business and run it on autopilot but… many internet marketers continue working 12h days – but the big difference is that this is their choice, they don’t Have To do it! Frank Kern once said something in the tone of ‘Why would you stop working if it’s so fun’ and I couldn’t agree more.

–          Working at home isn’t easy! I loved the idea of waking up at whatever time I want, working in my pajamas and taking brakes without asking anyone for permission and yes, it is a much more relaxing work environment than a busy office, for example. But the truth is that you have to be quite self-motivated and organized to pull it off! There are no schedules, no supervisor to make sure that you’re actually working and not browsing YouTube or Facebook and there’s also your family that will interrupt you frequently! Without creating a system of working at home, I’d be probably 75% less effective during my work days – especially with my 6 months old daughter which needs constant attention!

–          Relationships are everything! Before I saw any kind of success online, I foolishly thought that I could succeed on my own. In the ‘real world’ you need contacts, connections, friends and business partners in order to succeed and that’s nothing new, right? Well, the online business world it is actually exactly the same! I had some success on my own but it was only after I started to connect with other internet marketers, helping out each other and learn together in the process, I was able to take my online business to the next level. And the best part of it is that I treat my ‘online friends’ as I’d treat any real life friend and they do the same!

–          You can’t do it all yourself! When I first started I wanted to control everything in my online business and do it all – create websites, content, graphics, video, audio etc. Firstly I did it because I really like learning new skills and secondly to save money, especially in the beginning. Soon I found out that even after spending 10 hours trying to create a simple banner in Photoshop for example, the results weren’t even close to what I had in mind… That’s why I learnt to outsource things I’m not an expert in and focus on the things I like doing and am good at! Even if I’d be very good in all of these things, there are just so many hours in the day and delegating is one of the most important skills in this business if you want to achieve massive success!

So that’s it, these are the five things I wish I knew before I got into internet marketing… I really hope that this article will help you in some way – I wish someone would write something like this and send it to me when I was first starting out!

Please share it with your friends if you found it interesting or valuable :)

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or maybe you’d just like to say ‘Hi’, send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Catch you later,


P.S. If you enjoyed this article, I’m sure you’ll also enjoy my Free Report ‘3 Ways to Make Money Online with Zero Investment’ – Click Here to Get Instant Access!

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Keyword Planner Tool Alternatives – Keyword Research

Keyword Planner Tool Alternatives – Keyword Research


Google Keyword Planner Tool is a free tool used by millions of people to do their strategic keyword research. If you want people to find your website it is essential to place the key words right on your website’s pages, posts and articles. Since Google Keyword Planner Tool has replaced the Google Keyword Tool, many people started to see a difference between the two, especially when it comes to the accuracy of the new tool! However Google is not the only company offering a key word tool to the public…

Here are my Top 5 Picks when it comes to Free Alternatives to Google Keyword Planner Tool:

1. Worldtracker’s Tool

This is definitely the Number One alternative to Google Keyword Planner. Worldtracker’s Tool includes over 3.4 billion keywords in its database and this number is growing very fast as new searches are added to the directory every day.

2. Übersuggest

A strong second place! Übersuggest always shows a very long list of keywords which is great if you want to include different variations of the same key word in your article.

3. Wordpot

This tool is great because you don’t even need to sign up for a free account – you simply visit their site, type in the keywords and get results back in seconds!

4. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

One of the most popular keyword tools online! I ranked it on the 4th place just because it used to be easily accessible (like Wordpot) but they changed it so now you have to create an account – which is free by the way. Great tool!

5. Bing Keyword Research Tool

Bing is Google’s number one competitor and they have a great keyword tool as well! To use this keyword tool you will need to start using Bing Webmaster Tools first. After you’ll have everything in place, you can easily take advantage of this great free tool!

So these are my Top 5 Picks when it comes to Google Keyword Planner alternatives. Don’t forget that while researching your keywords, you can actually use more than one tool to compare results and decide which keywords you’ll go with!

Good luck :)


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My Top 7 Free Internet Marketing Tools

My Top 7 Free Internet Marketing Tools


Free Internet Marketing Tools – Any internet marketer needs a whole toolbox of different tools to run the business smoothly and efficiently. Some of these tools are paid, some are free and it is essential to find a good balance between them. Many of the tools, despite of the fact that they are free are Super Valuable and if you are not using them yet, you should definitely consider it!

These are my Top 7 Free Internet Marketing Tools:

1) Google Analytics – the number one spot belongs to this free tool by the company everyone loves (?!?). If you own a blog or a website it should be one of the first things you’ve installed on it. Some marketers say that it is not 100% accurate as it is owned by Google and might favor the traffic coming from their search engine over Yahoo, Bing and others in the end report. Nevertheless, an invaluable tool!

2) Google Keyword Planner – we have Google on the 2nd place as well with their relatively new tool that took over after Google Keyword Tool. Another essential tool to have and you should be using it each time you upload a new post or create a new page on your blog or website! Again, people who don’t love Google will say that it only gives results from one search engine and that the results aren’t accurate because Google wants you to use their AdWords and not optimizing your pages for free. Even with that in mind, another very valuable tool!

3) Mail Chimp – an amazing Email Marketing service that allows you to create a list of up to 2,000 people and send them 20,000 emails per month for Free! Of course they have paid options but if you are only starting, this is a great way to break into Email Marketing without investing any money. Note that the Auto Responder is not included in the free version.

4) Social Adr – a great Social Bookmarking tool! You can share other people’s pages, get credits and spend them on your bookmarks or simply buy credits or a monthly plan if you don’t want to have the work. With the latest Google updates, Social Bookmarking is one of the things that has a greater and greater impact on SEO nowadays!

5) Drop Box – it allows you to store and share your files with anyone you want and also access them from different devices like a Smartphone, a Tablet, a Laptop etc. A great tool if you want to share something with a larger group of people or if you are on the go and need to access your files from different devices!

6) – it is not only a link shortener but it also tracks your links and gives you a very detailed report about when and where the clicks came from. A great internet marketing tool!

7) Drop My Link –  It allows you to find different .edu, .gov, comment luv, do follow, live fyre (and other) Premium Blogs so you can leave constructive comments on them with a backlink to your site. 100% White Hat and working!

Enjoy these free internet marketing tools and don’t forget to work hard :)


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How to get into Internet Marketing in 5 Not-So-Easy Steps

Internet Marketing in 5 Not-So-Easy Steps


So everyone seems to want to start making money online nowadays, isn’t it? Especially in today’s economy people are not only looking for ways to make an extra income but to find a whole new career in internet marketing.

For me personally the journey began a bit similar, simply typing ‘How to Make Money Online’ into google. If you’ll do a similar search you’ll get tons of articles and blog posts on how to make money in a few easy steps…

Well the bad news is that these steps will not be so easy as you’ll need to put in a lot of work and effort into learning things you have no or little idea about…

Here is my take on How to get into Internet Marketing in 5 (Not-So) Easy Steps.

1) Set up an autoresponder and focus on building your list – the first part might seem easy but to actually do it the right way takes a bit of time and experience definitely helps. You have to pick the right products to promote, know when to stop promoting and give away some free stuff etc. The second part is even more time and money consuming but ‘the money is in the list’ right? Well it can be but again you have to do it the right way…

2) Start a blog, a review website, a products promoting website etc and start working on the SEO – pretty easy, right? While you can set up a website in a couple of hours (assuming that you have experience doing it), ranking it in Google is a much harder task. It takes consistency and a lot of knowledge on how to do it the right way, especially with google releasing updates to their search engine more and more often nowadays. What worked a few years back, simply will not work today and you have to stay on top of things if you want to get results…

3) Get involved in Forums – this is a great way of putting your name out there, bring in traffic to your website and helping out people like you. Again, you have to do it the right way, meaning no spamming! This will get you banned quickly and your reputation can be on the line as well, because the forum communities are very strict  about it. You’ll have to be aware of one thing – it can be very time consuming so you’ll have to control yourself!

4) Go Social – Social Media is totally taking over the internet and not only because the social part, getting traffic, promotion etc. All of this is super important but what is also worth mentioning is that the search engines are using the social media websites to check the relevance of their searches. It means it doesn’t only come down to the number and quality of backlinks you have pointing to your website but also is it being shared in social media. This might very well be the future of search engines…

5) Be consistent – that might be actually the hardest part – you can’t get caught up. In the beginning everyone is super excited when they are starting their internet marketing business, they spend hours upon hours trying to learn new things, set up things properly, blogging everyday etc.  97% of these people unfortunately quit after a few months – they don’t really see any great results with what they are doing or they simply jump from one thing to another, never mastering anything. Again – being consistent seems easy when you say it but actually following through is a totally different story!

Good luck guys :)


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